Cost Effective Strategies For Crafting Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation

Balancing a wedding budget is easier said than done for couples who are organising the event.

Once the date has been set, the process of developing and sending wedding invitations comes into play.

Some participants like to get creative and branch out with their own personal style, yet there are inherent costs involved the further the envelope is pushed – figuratively and literally!

That is why it is important to embrace a few cost effective strategies, minimising the final bill and allowing a few extra dollars to be saved for the honeymoon.


Digital Prints Only

The engraving process is an activity that will only amplify costs when it comes to producing wedding invitations. Of course it is a design that looks the part aesthetically to provide a sense of beauty, elegance and prestige, but these are elements that can still be on show with a digital print font selection. Calligraphers and letterpress experts will naturally advocate for the engraving process, yet it is worthwhile steering clear of that feature to ensure that the budget is not blown out of proportion.


Find Discounts, Bulk Deals & Special Promotions

Some couples will be able to source a designer for their wedding invitations as part of a larger wedding package while others can find a good deal at outlets that are holding special promotions. So long as the official date is set many months in advance, this will give participants the chance to scour the market and wait for an opportunity to pounce. By keeping tabs on many of the local and mainstream developers in the niche, subscribing to alerts and newsletters, it will be easier to know when that opportunity will present itself. That will allow individuals to source the right materials at the right price without being taken advantage of.


Stick to Basic Colours & Formatting

When budget operators advise couples to opt for basic colours and formats for their wedding invitations, there can be a sense of disappointment. This is an approach that might convey a very dry and stock standard design, but the good news is that this does not have to be the case. By opting for white cards with black text, home designers are still able to integrate a variety of intricate bordering, versatile font selection and other creative approaches that are provided free of cost with a basic software package.


Sending Digital Copies

To save on all of the printing and mailing requirements, it can be beneficial to opt for digital wedding invitations. The downside of this approach is obvious for parties that are inviting parents, grandparents and members of the elderly community who do not have an online footprint. However, for those smaller gatherings, this can be a great means of saving on those key costs and still producing a quality product direct to the inboxes of recipients.


Recycled Paper

Couples who select recycled paper for their wedding invitations leave guests none the wiser once the items have been delivered. Many outlets make their fortunes by advocating for high-end paper that is crafted from custom-textured and glossy materials. Investing in these brands will drive the price up as well as being a burden on the environment.


There are still some steps that can be taken to ensure that the bottom line is protected when sending out wedding invitations. This will include numerous proof reading to cover any oversight with spelling or grammatical mistakes. It will also feature identifying the wedding numbers as early as possible and offering a clear means of providing an RSVP, avoiding the need to look for last minute additions and alterations. If these logistics are catered for, then the couple will be able to invest in an event they will remember for a lifetime.


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