Features to Look Out For When Purchasing Women’s Glasses

woman wearing a stylish glasses

There is such a diversity in the market for women’s glasses that it can be hard to know where to begin.

Of all the brands that are innovating and introducing new items, how do consumers know what constitutes actual value for money?

It can be easy to be drawn into the aesthetics just as it is to be focused on the price tag, but there are other elements that will determine suitability for the woman.

Time to take stock of the top features to look out for when purchasing women’s glasses.


Ensure There is an Updated Prescription

Before venturing out into the open market to source a pair of women’s glasses, it is necessary to have an updated prescription from an authorised optometrist. There will be an examination of the right and left eye for performance before a review of pupillary distance to determine size and shape preferences. This is valuable information that can be used at an optometry outlet or when on the hunt for a quality pair of glasses for women.


Shapes & Specs For Ultimate Style

If presentation is a major factor to locating the best pair of women’s glasses on the market, then a selection of rounded shapes or smaller specs are ideally suited. This is the solution for the female consumer who wants to achieve that ‘chic’ look with an Italian branding, an option that many of the celebrities will opt for. While aviators have a universal appeal for all head shapes, the oval and circular models are best suited for shoppers who have oval, rectangle or square shaped faces.


Complimenting Frame Colour With Eye Colour

One of the best approaches that female consumers can take when on the hunt for valuable women’s glasses is to compliment a frame colour with the natural eye colour. Bold frames that are consistent with the same pupil colour will allow the glow to really be accentuated. This applies to green, brown and blue eyes which will help to mimic the same effect and bring out the natural colour. Of course it will help for customers to mix and match in real time rather than making assumptions on suitability online.


Transparent Pair For Subtle Appearance

There will be a number of consumers in the market for women’s glasses who want to be subtle about their selection without drawing attention to themselves. Regardless of the face shape or frame design, there are round wires that provide soft coverage and a frame that is almost unnoticeable from a distance. These brands should be able to be purchased at a more affordable rate than their counterparts as well, ensuring that they are unobtrusive aesthetically and unobtrusive to the customer budget.


Conservative Style Found With Structured Frames

woman wearing glasses

For those consumers who are seeking a conservative and smart selection with their women’s glasses, they are best directed to a myriad of structured frame brands. This overtly square shape design is perfectly suited for a longer face and offers a classic aesthetic that is best illustrated in professional settings. Fortunately there is still a high degree of creativity and variety in this market with the frame colours, but large structured frames are often recommended for women who want a suitable presentation in a commercial environment.


Warranty Protection & Bargain Deals

There is no escape from an escalating set of prices across the market. What would once cost no more than $30-$40 is now set in the hundreds, but there are ways and means of optimising the investment. This will begin with a warranty protection to ensure that any damage or loss is covered, as well as opportunities at sourcing discounts for loyal shoppers. The lower the initial price and the more protections that are put in place, the more secure the investment will be.



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